The Story of Bullseye Prep

Straight from the source, Bullseye Prep founder, Ben Smith:

Bullseye Prep is a dream of mine 12 years in the making. Since 2009, I have worked at every level in the test prep industry from sales to tutoring to senior leadership at a nationwide test prep company.

At every position I worked, I saw how test prep was failing students in practical, concrete ways. Many times key concepts on the ACT or SAT were left out. Or, there was no diagnostic, making targeted instruction impossible, meaning that students spent a lot time on concepts they already knew, and little time on concepts they didn't know. The teachers either didn't know the test, or they didn't know how to engage students.

I spent all of 2020 crafting a curriculum on the foundation of my 12 years of insights. I think the catchphrase "All the test prep you need, nothing" captures the Bullseye Prep curriculum perfectly. Read more about it below.

In January 2020, I opened Bullseye Prep as an in-person tutoring company in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. After several months of amazing success stories, Bullseye Prep is going nationwide online.

"All the test prep you need,
nothing more"

All the test prep you need

The Bullseye Prep courses cover everything on the ACT and SAT. Founder Ben Smith spent an entire year analyzing every question on every released SAT and ACT. Each question was categorized in a database according to what academic skill was required to answer it, along with what test-taking skill was required. With this database in hand, the tests were further analyzed by how often each question type appears. The Bullseye Prep curriculum was then built around these insights, and field tested with a group of students in early 2021. The result is a test prep course that is guaranteed to address every concept, trick, and twist that could possibly appear when a student takes the SAT or ACT.

Bullseye Prep also has the very best teachers in the test prep industry. All Bullseye Prep instructors have the following qualifications:

  • Scored a 99th percentile or above on the test they are teaching. For the SAT this 1500 or above, and on the ACT 34 or above.
  • An extensive background in education, usually as a teacher or professor.
  • Have thousands of hours of teaching and tutoring experience. Many of our instructors have been teaching the SAT and ACT for a decade or more.
  • Have consistently been given positive reviews from their students.
  • Have consistently shown the ability to raise their students’ tests scores.

Nothing more

Bullseye Prep targets students' weaknesses and doesn’t waste their time on concepts they already know. We accomplish this by starting each student with a full-length diagnostic test that evaluates their strengths and weaknesses in regard to every concept on the SAT or ACT. Bullseye Prep then builds a custom curriculum for each student. Also, we spend more time on the concepts that appear on the test the most often, making the best use of the students’ time.


January of 2021.
Though Bullseye Prep was founded in January of 2021, the company’s founder, Ben Smith has more than 12 years experience at every level of the test prep industry. Ben has more than 5,000 hours of direct teaching experience for the SAT and ACT in almost every type of setting.
Our curriculum and experience of our teachers. Our curriculum is meant to hit the bullseye by giving students all the test prep they need and nothing more. Everything that could possibly be on the tests is addressed without wasting students’ time. Also, our teachers are simply the best in the test prep industry.

Bullseye Prep has the best and simplest guarantee in the test prep industry. If your student takes our course, attends the classes, and does the work, we guarantee his or her score will improve by four points. The guarantee does not apply to tutoring.

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