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Scientifically driven preparation for the SAT and ACT custom crafted for each student and taught by 99th percentile teachers, all with a money-back guarantee.

  • Bullseye Prep has the best and simplest guarantee in the test prep industry. If your student takes our course, attends the classes, and does the work, we guarantee his or her ACT score will improve by four points or SAT score will improve by 200 points.

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  • Bullseye Prep ACT and SAT courses were developed with data science in mind. Over a stretch of six months, we took every released ACT and SAT test and categorized every question, creating a database of thousands of questions. We figured out what a student needs to know the most and created our curriculum around it.

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  • All Bullseye Prep ACT instructors have scored a 35 or higher, and SAT instructors have scored 1550 or higher. All instructors have thousands of hours of experiences teaching the SAT and ACT with many years of experience. Our instructors know how to teach these difficult tests while making them fun.

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Targeted ACT and SAT Videos

Every Bullseye Prep course and tutoring package comes with access to our full video curriculum. We have videos that explain every strategy for the SAT and the ACT. Also, the video curriculum includes a full explanation of how to solve every problem that is assigned in every course. Most other test prep companies will charge hundreds of extra dollars for access to their video curriculum, but at Bullseye Prep, it’s included in every course.

  • ACT

    Each student starts with a diagnostic ACT test. The Bullseye Prep ACT curriculum contains 147 strategies that cover everything that could possibly appear on the ACT. The diagnostic allows us to build a curriculum around the strategies that students are weakest in, which ensures that students' time is devoted to studying things that will raise their scores the most.

  • 44 ACT English strategies that cover every grammar, punctuation, and style issue that could possibly appear on the ACT English section.

  • 63 ACT Math strategies that cover all math concepts on the ACT.

  • 22 ACT Reading strategies that teach students how to effectively read and analyze any passage.

  • 18 ACT Science strategies that make the Bullseye Prep curriculum the best in the market.

  • SAT

    The SAT course starts with a diagnostic test that lets Bullseye Prep build a custom curriculum for each student. Of the more than 100 SAT strategies, the custom curriculum will focus on the strategies that will make the biggest difference in a student’s score. Students can reach their potential without wasting time.

  • 20 strategies for the SAT Reading section, including how to read and analyze the passage, approach questions, and evaluate choices.

  • 35 strategies for the SAT Writing and Language section. This section test grammar, style, and punctuation.

  • 60 strategies for the SAT Math section, covering everything from pre-algebra to trigonometry. Bullseye Prep has you covered.